That chink across the street with the grey spandex pants on, if she goes down that alley i’ma follow her and rape ‘er. Ah, who’m I kiddin? I’m not rapin nobody. Prolly just gonna go back home, get on moms laptop, jerk off all day.
There betta not be a big line at the clinic neither cuz I need my dose bad today. Shit I can tell I’m extra sick by how horny I is. Friggin two lines of ambien didn’t do the trick, had to smoke 2 joints just to get numb enough to get outta the house. God I hope mom ain’t makin meatloaf tonight, ugh, I feel like throwin up. Nah shouldn’t be thinkin about food right now, Norman. Should be thinkin about pussy or rainbows. Anythin but mom’s meatloaf!
Oh great, of course, there’s a huge line at the clinic! Junkies got nothin betta to do on a Sunday mornin but to wait on line for their juice. Think I see Larry up front, maybe I could get a back-skip from him.
“Aye Larry, whattaya say? How ya doin?”
“Norm, hey, how are ya? Sheez, you look like shit, ta fuck happen to ya? You back on the needle or what?”
“Nahhh I wish, juss tired. Listen, I’m juss gonna slip in behind ya here…”
One uh the fat spic bitches near the back uh the line yells, “can’t be comin in the line skippin, shoo, cantchu see we out here waitin too?”
“Take it easy, ok? I was here before, juss went to go take a piss, my friend here saved my spot”
“Nigga I been standin here fifteen minutes, you wasn’t here. Liar.”
“Whateva.” Man the ass on this spic, sheezus, she’s gotta be about 350 pounds and stacked about 5 feet high. I bum a stoge off Larry and we smoke and freeze our tits off waitin outside for the clinic ta open up. At exactly 9 the door swings open and they let us in tree at a time. Thank fuckin god, me and Larry are in the second group ta go in. The nurse girl who sits at the desk got a lotta nasty earrings and shit in er face and a lotta tattoos all the way up er arms and neck. She aint bad though, big tits.

Author: redfishsmoking

i am a homeless drug addict from brooklyn with an obama phone and i have a crush on the nurse at the methadone clinic

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