On the news this morning there were stories about crazy, murderous people of various ethnicities. Then a story about crime stats and how so far this year murder rates are through the roof. Then another story about how crime stats are bullshit anyway and can be forged and manipulated to say whatever the Powers That Be want. Then a story about a puppy that was born in New Mexico who looks like a Jewish Celebrity. Then a story about a scientific research study that showed that the company who funded the scientific research study also coincidentally makes a product that the scientific research study proved was good for human health. Then a story about a 4 year old girl who was gang raped by the entire Parliament, Prime Minister and Supreme Court of India, then another puppy story and a story about what shenanigans Miley is up to these days. I didn’t pay much attention to the broadcast but it was nice to have some white noise on while I arranged and organized three terabytes of Brazilian Lesbian Ass Licking Porn on my computer.

Author: redfishsmoking

i am a homeless drug addict from brooklyn with an obama phone and i have a crush on the nurse at the methadone clinic

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