Bowl hit breakfast takes the edge off mediocrity as i squeeze my tits together when i buy a newport loosy from the bodega but the arab doesn’t notice, doesn’t notice me, no one notices me as i prowl the streets hunting for half smoked cigarette butts, the occasional joint roach or tiny drug baggies filled with coke, molly or heroin residue. On cropsey avenue a bicyclist gets hit by a garbage truck and it takes a lot of effort not to get a hard-on as i watch their twitching body lying in a wet red pool as a bunch of old russian guys film the whole thing with their smart phones, 2 hours later the ambulance comes and both EMT’s have cheetos dust and bagel crumbs all over their hero costumes. The fat garbage man who was driving the truck is saying, “i dindu nuttin” to an equally bloated cop whose bulging pelvis is barely contained in his own hero costume and his pants zipper is open and there’s dried cum and piss stains all over the crotch.     


Author: redfishsmoking

i am a homeless drug addict from brooklyn with an obama phone and i have a crush on the nurse at the methadone clinic

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