Eatin from the trashcan don’t nobody gotta know that’s why I be eatin in private and also I don’t wanna let the bitches see me cry. McDonalds on bay parkway got the best garbage to eat out of people be takin one bite of they burger then throw it in the garbage and I got in good with the janitor there, his name cedric, and he let me dig thru they garbage but usually I gotta suck him off by the dumpster first. Also sometimes the old Chinese bitches be diggin thru there for bottles to recycle but they usually don’t touch the food tho so we get along I guess.

I got a weird pimple on my dick I tried to show the doctor at the methadone clinic but he try to tell me some shit like “I aint no dick doctor, uzef, you gotta go to the dick doctor for ya dick” I mean a doctor is a doctor I don’t understand why he can’t just look at it and tell me if I gotta get it cut off or whatever.

I usually be sleepin on the D train but sometimes the MTA janitors at Stillwell try to tell me like they wake me up and try to tell me how “sir you cant be sleepin on the train blah blah blah”. I usually just start screamin on em and actin like im a retard or somethin so they leave me alone. I need me a shower too so I might hit up the Y in coney island, they got a back door by the dumpster where I could sneak, yo I be taking mad nice showers at that Y! they got soap an everythin.

Washington cemetery be a good place to sleep too, sometimes there be kids there at night playin manhunt or smokin blunts, I be watchin them without they even knowin it, they think they slick like they the only ones out here or some shit. Every now and then they be leavin bags of chips that they start eatin and I get a nice dinner then. Shit, sometimes they even be leavin like cans of soda and shit too but I gotta be careful with that caffeine cuz of my heart and shit.


Author: redfishsmoking

i am a homeless drug addict from brooklyn with an obama phone and i have a crush on the nurse at the methadone clinic

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