Four hours a sleep aint enough but i spring outta bed anyway and make a beeline for da nearest pipe or needle. Outside theres like a orchestra of fuckin garbage trucks eatin up whole couches in they filthy stinking moufs and when da noise from all a dat dies down in come da fuckin school buses pickin up their lil fat fuck retards. By 7 AM i already smoke like 3 bowls, jerk off twice, sniff 4 bumps of K and think about jumpin out the window. It’s six flights down and i go as far as sticking one leg out ta test da water but it’s too fuckin cold so i opt out. by 8AM it starts friggin pourin out which means if i do any dumpsta divin today its gonna be extra wet an messy.

On da train ride to da methadone clinic some shifty lookin heeb asks me if i’m jewish and i say, “don’t you rememba da last time people went around askin people on trains if they were jewish? Didnt turn out too great for us back den, huh?”

“Oh so you are jewish?”

“Nah, fuck off.” But he keeps fuckin pushin, “come on my friend, you don’t want to put on teffelin today? Its a special day, almost shabbos, very big mitzvah, come on.” he grabs my arm and i scream, “SIR I DONT WANNA TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU PLEASE STOP ASKIN ME,” at which point he lets go of my arm and stomps off, bagelling and forehead profiling some other poor kike.

At da clinic the nurse broad with da huge tiddies and tattoos and shit all over is wearin one a those fancy green docta costumes and the top is low cut and when she asks me, “hey norm, how are we today?” i say, “not bad, tits cold outside though” but she makes like she don’t hear me, they always do, “ok Norm, you can step into room 3, dr wayne will see you”

In room tree docta wayne asks if i been doin any otha drugs i tell him I been blowin a lotta pot but dats about it. He don’t need to know about the acid cuz they cant do no drug test for lsd. He gives me my script which i take back to the big tiddy nurse who gives me a small bottle with 7 doses in it and i take one before i even leave da clinic den smoke a J on my walk back to da train. By the time da N comes my juice kicks in and i scramble to sit down before i start noddin out and droolin al over myself shit norman i hate it when you do dat, all da drool on ya pants make it look like ya pissed yaself or worse like ya busted a nut all over ya pants which is true anyway but don’t nobody gotta know dat!