the good news is my State Mandated Testicular Castration went well. the bad news is they didnt properly sedate me so i felt everything. although The State now says that Not Feeling Things is a sign of Toxic Masculinity which ironically is also punishable by State Mandated Castration, so in a way its good that i felt every moment as they slowly chopped away at my testicles with the Dirty State Funded Scalpel. the Peoples Surgeon who performed the procedure was a Masculine Identifying Lesbian who was actually born a male and shym sneered with disgust as shym snipped away at me and i couldnt help but feel guilty at how angry the patriarchy and by extension myself had made sher. although the patriarchy was officially made illegal in the year 2078 and straight white males have been banned from holding any Office Of Power. it still must be really tough for sher.


For my bachelor party my friends had decided to pitch in to get me a hot Latina prostitute for one hour. Well, she was older than she was hot. I had her sit on my face and came almost immediately. I came so hard my face got all screwed up and my eyes crossed and when she saw how stupid i looked she laughed at me which made me come even more. We spent the other 58 minutes laying on her bed and looking at social media on our phones in silence. It was a true girlfriend experience.

I was in the middle of jerkin off to ass worship porn when my mom came home from work slightly earlier than she normally did. The fuckin bitch, I had to cut my ‘batin session short and I was fuckin pissed! So when she asked me what I wanted for dinner that night I told her ‘nothin!’ I wasn’t hungry cuz I already had Mickey d’s with my friend Greg! Which was bullshit but the bitch loved to feed me, she like got off on it or somethin, plus she hated it when I ate fast food, which was fuckin stupid cuz she was all unhealthy and a fat piece of shit herself. I mean I was pretty fat too, but, more in a husky, athletic way. Yea, I played sports, shit, even made all state. Well, that was before they kicked me out of school for bringing daddy’s gun to class. It wasn’t loaded or nothin but Principal Martinez was a fuckin pussy so he expelled me. I always had a feelin he didn’t like me because I was the only white kid in school, well the only one who wasn’t transgender anyway. The worst thing was that the sheriff confiscated daddy’s gun, it was his pistol from when he served in Afghanistan, a beretta 9 mili, and the only thing I had left to remember him by. Somehow mom got the gun back but rumor in school was she blew every pig at the station to get it. Anyways, that night after mom came home and fucked up my JO sesh, she went to bed crying, which wasn’t really a big whoop cuz she usually did that anyway. I had to wait until I couldn’t hear the bitch cryin no more to make sure she was sleepin before jumpin back onto the computer and jerkin off to a video of a Brazilian girl with tan lines sittin on some other Brazilian girls face and fartin all in her mouth. Towards the end of the video a little bit of shit oozed out of the girls ass by accident and went into the other ones mouth. It was sick! She ran to the bathroom, gaggin, to go wash it out meanwhile the other bitch was laughing at her so bad! Right in the middle of her laughin was when I shot such a huge load that a lot of it went way past my left shoulder. Sometimes when mom cried in bed I liked to put my ear to the wall so i could hear her better and hum along to it and I would try to make my voice match hers so that we sounded like one voice.